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Hermanus East Cliffs en Plein Air

Another holiday in Hermanus, but this was to be a holiday like no other before. I am on a mission to get my Plein sir Painting shoes on! Blessed with a beautiful day and holiday mood, off I set with my brand new backpack of painting goodies. A prepared canvas board 8 x 10", brushes, palette knife, water, an ice cream tub lid, my brand new Royal Talens Cobra water mixable oil paints and a vision of having fun. Searching for the right spot, an empty bench and a bit of shade. At first, I walk, scanning the area, taking photos of different view spots. I had spotted an ideal position but the bench was occupied by two young lovers. I decided to adjourn for a spot if lunch, a glass of wine and coffee. I spent some time sketching some patrons of Burgandy Restaurant in Hermanus till someone saw me and gave me a bit of a "skeef" look!  I saw my bench become available and made a beeline for it at the same time that a "Bergie" spotted the same bench!

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