Mono Printing

Mono Printing in Oil

I recently attended a demo by Wyn Rossouw at Constantiaberg Art Society monthly meeting and was so enthralled at the idea of loosening up and creating an abstract paper print in oils. Wyn showed us how to prepare and what would be needed to perform this form of painting. It is basically "knife painting" onto a tile and then transferring a mirrored print of that painting onto a piece of paper.
I did my first painting / print at 11pm and this is the result. My husband told me that it looks like a motor bike rider! It was meant to be a vase of flowers but that is the fun with art, there is no right and no wrong because it is the interpretation that counts.

Once the paint is dry, one can use other media to transform the piece further. I think I may try a bit of pastel painting to add a bit more life into the piece.
Thanks for the inspiration Wyn!


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